Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Getting Buggy!

For all of my fellow fans of the Cricut, I thought I would share some of my favorite blogs and websites for Cricut inspiration.

Bitten By the Bug - Regina's team always has lots of creative ideas and a new challenge each week.

Tammy's Place - Tammy does amazing cards and layouts with the Cricut.

Chirper Challenge - This site does challenges every other week.

Just a Scrappin' - This is a good blog if you are looking for basic information and tutorials about individual Cricut cartridges and all of the various accessories for the Cricut machine.

Whimsical Scraps and Bugs - This is another fun challenge site. I just discovered it, but it also looks fun.

Of course, all Cricut owners should sign up for the newsletter and the messageboard at www.cricut.com. The messageboard is filled with wonderfully creative Cricut owners sharing layouts, crafts, cards and most of all great information and tips about the Cricut.

Ok, enough gushing from me last time I checked I was not on ProvoCraft's (maker of the Cricut) payroll ;)

Happy scrapping!


  1. No cricut or any other machine for me. I'm not even sure what to use them for! Truth is I don't want to know because (a) I don't want to spend the money on one and (b) I have nowhere to store it.
    If I get any new machine at all it would be a sewing machine, and the reason I haven't gotten one yet is the same as why I haven't gone down the cricut road... .

  2. Thanks for posting these helpful sites! I love your blog. Your layouts are fantastic!

    -Myra (from CE)